Sunday, February 7, 2010

Depressingly Inevitable. Drogba FC 2-0 Arsenal

Well that wasn't unexpected. Arsenal didn't play badly, but Didier Drogba beat us again. When he retires or leaves, Arsenal fans will be having a parade. Conceding a goal early meant we'd always be up against it, but the goal we conceded was stupid. Alex Song didn't play badly, but he was at fault here, leaving Drogba unmarked after the corner had come in. It was criminal defending, made even worse when Clichy went walk about from the post. He might've been able to stop the ball going in. Almunia could do nothing on this goal. Arsenal then played fairly well for the next 20 minutes, and Cech made a good save on Cesc's ball in to Arshavin. Chelsea then scored on a counter attack, with Lampard playing Drgoba into space where Clichy was missing. Having got back, Drogba then turned Clichy and fired, and though hit hard, it was straight at Almunia. However he flapped at it and it was 2-0. Song and Vermaelen were also missing on the counter attack, and I've got to fault them there. Song is supposed to be our defensive midfielder, he can't go forward all the time.
Cech saved a great free kick from Fabregas in the second half, and Arsenal had a good penalty shout turned down when Cashley hacked down Bendtner.
Theo Walcott's performance was pretty disappointing. He gave the ball away easily, and didn't use his pace at all.

Arsenal's Defensive Problems
First Goal
Clichy was on the post, but then moved away. Song, who was marking Drogba was on him until the header in from Terry.
(Click to make bigger)
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Second Goal
All sorts of problems here. Arshavin lost the ball.
There are 6 players in the attacking half of the pitch (Click to make bigger) while Chelsea also have 6. But 4 of those Arsenal players are in the attacking third, meaning a counter attack goal was very likely. Lampard then plays the ball into Drogba in space.
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Here, I think Arsenal's back 4 are too narrow, meaning Drogba can have loads of space, and then drive in from the wing, while Clichy tries to cut him off. He did this, turning Clichy easily, and then scoring.

Arsenal are not going to win the title this year, and in our last 8 games against the top 2 teams, Chelsea and Manchester United, we have played 8, won 0, drawn 1, lost 7, conceded 17 and scored 4. We need to improve defensively if we want to beat these teams, because letting the first goal in always makes it unlikely we will score because they will defend, and they're good at defending.

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