Monday, March 22, 2010

League scenario

This year, the Premier League is going to go to the last day of the season, and it's still a 3 horse race. Goal difference is a major factor, and after having been ahead early, Arsenal are now behind in goal difference, and if it comes down to goal difference, I think Arsenal will not win the league.
Here is how the table reads right now




Man United









So, in the course of the next 7 games (8 for Chelsea), United need to drop 3 points. United are away to Bolton, home to Chelsea, away to Blackburn (after the Champions League), away to Manchester City, away to Spurs, away to Sunderland and home to Stoke. They could definitely drop 4 points in draws with Chelsea and City.
Chelsea, if they beat Portsmouth, will have 68 points. They need to then drop 2, and do that by drawing with Man United. Their fixtures are: away to Portsmouth, home to Villa, away to United, home to Bolton after the FA Cup semi final, away to Spurs, home to Stoke, away to Liverpool and home to Wigan.
Assuming both United and Chelsea drop 4 points (United in draws with Chelsea and City; Chelsea with draws with United and Liverpool), and Arsenal win all their remaining games, the table will look like this:
Team Pld Pts
Arsenal 38 88
Man Utd 38 86
Chelsea 38 85

We are only in control of our own games, but lets hope that Chelsea and United drop points, starting with Chelsea home to Villa.

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  1. Sol will start but the problem is so will Silvestre. If so Song cannot push forward as he likes to do. He will have to play defensive midfield protecting the backs. I also think that Eboue should start at the back since Sol and Silvestre are so static we need an attacking option. Up front it'll be Bendtner and Arshavin as well as Fab. Walcott might come on but I don't see Eduardo.