Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pre Match Arsenal v Hull City

Arsenal should beat Hull today even after the sub-par performance on
Wednesday against Burnley and missing Cesc Fabregas. However the
continuing injury problems are a definite cause for concern. Silvestre
playing left wing is a problem. His lack of speed will be exploited.
The way to play Arsenal now is to harry and get in hard, and shower
the box with high balls. Almunia looks shaky and teams will want to
exploit that. Unfortunately the days of scoring a lot of goals seem
over (see if I get my come-uppance from that today) and this has been
so since RVP’s injury but is moreover since Cesc’s injury. Cesc and
RVP have scored quite a few goals and they linked up nicely, without
them it falls to Arshavin but more must be expected from Walcott and
Nasri. The truth is that without Cesc and RVP we are a decent team
but lack a cutting edge. Hopefully this won’t matter against Hull.

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